Electronic Filling Carousel

DM electronic filling carousel is used for big capacity lpg cylinders’ filling.

Advantages of the filling carousel :
• Long lived and durable chasis
• Easy set-up and utilization
• Tested secure system
• Requires at minimum level maintenance and service
• Ergonomics at central tare encoding
• According the filling capacity it is produced with desired diameters.
• High safety electronic network and power connector


Capacity : 

Carousel Filling Capacity for 6 Sections    : 300-400 cylinders/hour     
Carousel Filling Capacity for 12 Sections  : 600-700 cylinders/hour
Carousel Filling Capacity for 18 Sections  : 900-1000 cylinders/hour
Carousel Filling Capacity for 24 Sections  : 1100-1200 cylinders/hour
Carousel Filling Capacity for 30 Sections  : 1400-1500 cylinders/hour
Carousel Filling Capacity for 36 Sections  : 1600-1800 cylinders/hour


Specifications : 

Center Column connection size 3” ( for ANSI or DIN Norm )
Operation Pressure : 12- 15 bar    /  Max. Operation Pressure : 20 bar
Air Pressure : 5-6 bar      / Max. Air Pressure : 10 bar
Air Collector Size 1/2"
Input 220-240 V AC , Output 12 V DC , monophase ,  50/60 Hz
Exproof Powersupply Panel
Adjustable Carousel Speed
Exproof engine and Variator + gearbox
Grounding equipments


Electronic Filling Carousel






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