LPG Vaporizers Dry Type

In industrial and commercial areas liquid petroleum gas is frequently used for heating of halls and as process gas for various applications.
As for this purpose very often, large quantities of liquid gas are required during a very short period of time, the gas supply is assured by using liquid gas vaporizers for transforming LPG from liquid phase into gaseous phase.
The liquid gas dry-type vaporizers DM-VPR-100 do not require any heat transfer fluid. An aluminium core is used as heat transferring medium which is heated and monitored within the limits specified using a thermostat.
Once the required vaporizing temperature is reached, the solenoid valves open and LPG enters the vaporizer where it is converted into vapor. The modern and reliable design identifies fluctuations in vapor flow and regulates the required heating capacity accordingly.

Tecnical Specifications

Nominal Capacity : 25 KG/H to 300 KG/H
Operational Voltage : 400V
Frequency : 50-60 Hz
Design Pressure : 25 Bar
Safety Valve : 17.5 Bar
Gas Outlet Temperature (at TA:20 °C) : approx. 75 C
Ambient Temperature : -20 C/+50 °C


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LPG Vaporizers Dry Type






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